Our Spring Release launches on March 5th, 2019. 

Last year we sold out of wine within 100 days! We've already seen an amazing amount of excitement, as 78% of our wine is already committed to current Allocation Members. Please join the waitlist below for first access to our release! We are excited to share our wines with you! 

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Our allocations are available in 3, 6, or 12 quantities. Please specify if you are interested in Fearless Rosé and/or Fearless Blanc. We will reach out to you with your wine offering when the Spring Release opens on March 5th!

*We anticipate the wines will sell out every year and want to give priority to the people who are already faithful followers of Fearless. If you placed an order last year you are already an Allocation Member, your credit card information has been retained. At this year’s release an email will be sent reminding you that your card will soon be charged, and your wine will be shipped. You will have time to modify or cancel your order before your card is charged. If you wish to decline your allocation, your spot will then be released to the next person on the waitlist.